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11th International Bauhaus Colloquium Weimar 2009

The 11th International Bauhaus Colloquium will be held 1.-5.4.2009 at the Bauhaus University in Weimar .

The Bauhaus Colloquia are the oldest and most esteemed conferences on architectural theory in the German speaking world. The last five meetings: Architecture and Power (1993), Techno-Fiction (1996), Global Village (1999), Medium Architecture (2003) and The Reality of the Imaginary (2007), have focused on the effect of changing social and technological conditions on the practice of architecture. The 11th International Bauhaus Colloquium will take on the political challenges of our world; will ask how architecture responds to the Empire.

The 11th Bauhaus Colloquium will feature about twenty invited speakers and, as a platform to create a lively debate engaging emerging scholars and distinguished experts, a number of workshops.

More information regarding the lectures and the registration is available on: